• LAILA AT THE BRIDGE wins this years Best of Fest award at the Wakefield Doc Fest Weekend 2019. Prize sponsored by Leacross Foundation

Our WDF Weekend theme this year is: HEROES!!

… and it’s happening October 18 – 20

Yes, indeedy. It’s time for our 4th annual themed autumn weekend and we’ve decided it’s a good time in history to take time to think about the positive side of the human spirit – and that of the not-so-human spirit, too.

We have four terrific films lined up, all of which illustrate in different ways the spunk, the grit, the courage and/or the nobility that the heroes in our lives possess, be they ‘everyday’ or ‘out of the way’ heroes. Please join us – and be inspired!

10th Annual Wakefield Doc Fest (2019) WRAP UP

What a fest!

First of all, the Big News: the winner of the Wakefield Doc Fest 2019 Best of Fest, sponsored by Roslyn Bern’s Leacross Foundation, was (drum roll, please):


This beautiful film tells the story of a boy born in Ladakh in Northern India, who is discovered to be the reincarnation of an important Tibetan lama. That may sound pretty dry – but those words don’t come close to doing the story justice. When the new Rinpoche’s devotees do not materialize to escort him to his monastery, he and his tutor must struggle to fulfill his path, resulting in an arduous trip together to Tibet. The real heart of the story is the remarkable and pure relationship between this young Rinpoche and his uncle/tutor. It is a stunningly shot film, providing an incredible intimacy with its characters.

Congratulations to the South Korean filmmaking team, Jin Jeon and Moon Chang-Yong. Woot woot!!

The race for the Best of Fest, which is decided by audience ballot, was intense, with many of the other films coming within .5 of the final winner. This seems appropriate as many comments were received about the quality of the lineup of films screened in this, the 10th Annual festival.

Watch this space for news about our upcoming 3rd Annual Wakefield Doc Fest Weekend, screening at the Centre Wakefield La Pêche October 18 – 20, 2019. Our weekend festival happens every autumn and offers a curated selection of the very best of current Canadian and international feature documentary films, all connected by a particular theme.


The 10th! Yes, indeed. This year’s festival, February 2019, will mark the 10th edition of the annual Wakefield Doc Fest. Woohoo!

Born as Wakefield International Film Festival, this festival,s purpose has always been to provide its audience with thought-provoking documentary film in the deep cold part of the year, what co-founder Robert Rooney liked to call “the dark dog days of winter.”

What better time to gather with other souls in a state-of-the-art facility and appreciate the magic that a rich documentary cinema experience can provide? Ponder, process and discuss issues; share in a good story, well-told; admire what an individual or group has overcome; experience the cutting edge of the form. All of this and more is what the documentary film offers.

Wakefield Doc Fest provides a lot of “value added” for our audiences, through filmmaker visits, panel discussions, Q&As with experts, and the like; and, of course, we like to have a good party, usually with delicious snacks and great live music.

This year, we have a remarkable lineup which celebrates many new voices. Fully five of our films are first feature-length films for their directors, and all have been recognized and awarded at Canadian and international film festivals. As always, we have put together a selection of the very best current Québec, Canadian and international documentary films. We even have a couple of Canadian Premières!

Come and celebrate with us.

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