9th Annual Wakefield Doc Fest Set to Go February 3rd through March 4th 2018

Mark your calendars:


All the ‘t’s are being crossed and the ‘i’s dotted. Yessir, we’re almost set to roll out the 2018 Wakefield Doc Fest – our 9th annual – at the Centre Wakefield La Pêche on chemin-de-la-vallée-de-Wakefield in Wakefield. And, as usual, there’s a terrific offering of some of the very best of current Canadian and International documentary film in the lineup, along with director visits, panel discussions and special events to augment your viewing experience.

All alone on the weekend of February 3rd is a very special event indeed. At 2pm on Saturday the 3rd, Wakefield Doc Fest is delighted to present JANE, a beautiful film in contention for this year’s Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Told largely through the fluid use of never-before-seen National Geographic footage shot at the time, and using her diaries and current reflections, the film traces the early years of Jane Goodall’s studies of chimpanzees in the wild, telling the remarkable story of how this incredibly young and not-formally-educated woman was chosen by Louis Leakey and sent out to develop and execute a totally different kind of wild animal study, by living among them. Along the way, a rather tender love story is told as well. Backed with a beautiful and evocative score by Philip Glass, this is not a film to be missed.

And hang on: Wakefield Doc Fest is offering this film for FREE!!

Yup. As in no price for admission.

Unfortunately, this does mean that only 200 souls will be able to take advantage of this very special event. And it also means that we cannot arrange or guarantee seats in advance. So, if you are interested in seeing this great film, you will have to come well in advance, stand in line, and get your free ticket at the box office. We promise to be as efficient as possible. The box office will open at 1pm, an hour before the show, and the auditorium will open at 1:30pm. Festival and weekend passes will also be available at the box office that day.

Now THAT’S a kickoff.

Watch this space for more news and noise about the 9th Annual Wakefield Doc Fest, coming VERY soon!! More excellent current documentary films are coming your way…

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