The weekend of October 16 – 18, 2020 would have been our 5th Annual Wakefield Doc Fest Weekend. Sadly, like so many other festivals and events, we’ve had to cancel this, our autumn weekend festival.

But there is such a thing as counting blessings. Wakefield Doc Fest was so fortunate in the timing of our main festival this year. It ended March 1st, pretty much JUST before the COVID-19 boom lowered, putting us all back on our haunches, scratching our collective heads in wonder, fear and confusion.

And so, what can we do but set our sights forward with hope and a perservering spirit? In the face of the dire ‘second wave’ stories – not to mention the daily horror stories about the racial divide and the climate emergency – we are stepping forward with determination to make our February festival both strong and beautiful. And we’ll continue on this planning path unless or until circumstances force us to cancel and/or postpone.

We strongly believe we need documentary film. We need to gather together to watch and discuss. It’s important to community and to the world.

Wherever you are: stay safe, stay healthy.

Graphic nicked from The Guardian

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