About Us

We started WIFF to fulfill a need. In our world of information overload and short attention spans we felt the need to take some time to reflect on an issue, on a particular aspect of human existence, so that we could form an educated opinion about it. The documentary film allows us to do that.

The first documentary ever made, Robert Flaherty’s 1922 film, Nanook of the North, was Canadian. It was filmed in northern Quebec and wasn’t called a documentary at the time. John Grierson coined that term when he started the NFB. It’s a form of expression that speaks to our particular collective imagination as Canadians – to our sense of community.

The inquiring mind and the meaningful portrayal of reality are essential ingredients in the health of our democracy. By programming the best of the previous year’s documentary films we hope to contribute to that.

Why Wakefield?

Well, maverick Academy Award winner Budge Crawley pioneered independent filmmaking in these Gatineau Hills and so Wakefield seemed an appropriate place to celebrate the documentary art form.

And it’s an engaging way to get through the ice dog days of winter.

– Robert and Brenda Rooney

Staff and crew

Programming/Publicity Director: Melanie Willis
Managing Director: Brenda Rooney
Graphic Design: Zoé Lindsay
Web Designer: Dan Imbrogno
Front of House & Box Office: Alison Scott
Translation: Joel Ladouceur

Technical Director: Rink De Lange
Projectionist: Jordan Scott-Talib