10th Annual Wakefield Doc Fest (2019) WRAP UP

What a fest!

First of all, the Big News: the winner of the Wakefield Doc Fest 2019 Best of Fest, sponsored by Roslyn Bern’s Leacross Foundation, was (drum roll, please):


This beautiful film tells the story of a boy born in Ladakh in Northern India, who is discovered to be the reincarnation of an important Tibetan lama. That may sound pretty dry – but those words don’t come close to doing the story justice. When the new Rinpoche’s devotees do not materialize to escort him to his monastery, he and his tutor must struggle to fulfill his path, resulting in an arduous trip together to Tibet. The real heart of the story is the remarkable and pure relationship between this young Rinpoche and his uncle/tutor. It is a stunningly shot film, providing an incredible intimacy with its characters.

Congratulations to the South Korean filmmaking team, Jin Jeon and Moon Chang-Yong. Woot woot!!

The race for the Best of Fest, which is decided by audience ballot, was intense, with many of the other films coming within .5 of the final winner. This seems appropriate as many comments were received about the quality of the lineup of films screened in this, the 10th Annual festival.

Watch this space for news about our upcoming 3rd Annual Wakefield Doc Fest Weekend, screening at the Centre Wakefield La Pêche October 18 – 20, 2019. Our weekend festival happens every autumn and offers a curated selection of the very best of current Canadian and international feature documentary films, all connected by a particular theme.


The 10th! Yes, indeed. This year’s festival, February 2019, will mark the 10th edition of the annual Wakefield Doc Fest. Woohoo! Born as Wakefield International Film Festival, this festival,s purpose has always been to provide its audience with thought-provoking documentary film in the deep cold part of the year, what co-founder Robert Rooney liked to…

Everyone’s a Winner

The Wakefield Doc Fest’s highly sophisticated calculating and tabulating machinery has been working overtime, and the results are in… while all four of the films in our BON APPÉTIT! weekend showed well at the polls, it was THE HEAT: A KITCHEN (R)EVOLUTION that finally won the day! This wonderful and humane film from Canadian filmmaker…

Bon Appétit!

Four tasty films about about our relationship to food – growing it, preparing it and eating it. That’s our theme for the 2018 Wakefield Doc Fest Weekend 2018, Friday, October 12th to Sunday, October 14th! And these four films ought to satisfy your cravings for topical, entertaining and informative fare. This is the third annual…

Wakefield Doc Fest Weekend: Oct 12 – 14

Coming up quickly in the Theatre Wakefield calendar is the third annual Wakefield Doc Fest Weekend, a special program of the Wakefield Doc Fest that runs in the fall. It takes a different approach than the main festival by using a particular theme to link four films shown over the weekend. This year’s fest takes…

Wakefield Doc Fest 2018 WRAP UP

You’ve decided! The Best of Fest for our 9th annual festival is CALIFORNIA TYPEWRITER! This wry and wonderful film about people entranced by the typewriter as a tool and an inspiration captured our audience’s heart – although truthfully it was a hard-fought battle. Three other films from this year’s fest came within .005 points of…

9th Annual Wakefield Doc Fest Set to Go February 3rd through March 4th 2018


All the ‘t’s are being crossed and the ‘i’s dotted. Yessir, we’re almost set to roll out the 2018 Wakefield Doc Fest – our 9th annual – at the Centre Wakefield La Pêche on chemin-de-la-vallée-de-Wakefield in Wakefield. And, as usual, there’s a terrific offering of some of the very best of current Canadian and International documentary film in the lineup, along with director visits, panel discussions and special events to augment your viewing experience.

All alone on the weekend of February 3rd is a very special event indeed. At 2pm on Saturday the 3rd, Wakefield Doc Fest is delighted to present JANE, a beautiful film in contention for this year’s Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Told largely through the fluid use of never-before-seen National Geographic footage shot at the time, and using her diaries and current reflections, the film traces the early years of Jane Goodall’s studies of chimpanzees in the wild, telling the remarkable story of how this incredibly young and not-formally-educated woman was chosen by Louis Leakey and sent out to develop and execute a totally different kind of wild animal study, by living among them. Along the way, a rather tender love story is told as well. Backed with a beautiful and evocative score by Philip Glass, this is not a film to be missed.

And hang on: Wakefield Doc Fest is offering this film for FREE!!

Yup. As in no price for admission.

REBELS ON POINTE Best of Fest audience favourite at second annual Wakefield Doc Fest Weekend!

There was another close Wakefield Doc Fest race between the two strongest contenders in the field of five films, but REBELS ON POINTE, directed by Bobbi Jo Hart of Montreal, pulled out in front as the final ballots were counted. The film is about the extraordinary, all-male, classical and comic ballet troupe, Les Ballets Trockaderos de Monte Carlo – and the joyful mood continued after the screening as an ebullient audience poured into the lobby at the Centre Wakefield La Pêche, many decked out in feather boas, to enjoy extraordinary ‘themed’ treats created by our very own in-house chef, Alison Scott.

Many thanks again to Roslyn Bern and the Leacross Foundation for continuing to support this audience-chosen award!

A Race to the Wire: DARK HORSE wins Leacross Foundation “Best of Fest” Award

And on that happy note: that’s it!

The 8th Annual Wakefield Doc Fest has ended, with great revelry. It was a BEAUTIFUL Spring-like day on February 26, 2017 in Wakefield, Quebec, and still, a great huge crowd of dedicated film enthusiasts decided to sit in a dark theatre instead of enjoying the temporary release from winter for our final screening, DARK HORSE.

Could it be that they had heard of the fantastic gourmet snacks being prepared by our chef, Alison Scott, for the Closing Gala following?

Well possibly. True to her modus operandi, Alison prepared fantastic grub in keeping with country of origin of the film: Welsh rarebit, for instance, and miniature Yorkshire Pudding bites and Bara Brith. Yum!

Although the audience did also enjoy the film with great enthusiasm. So maybe it wasn’t all about grub. Or maybe it was a perfect package.

Next up is the Wakefield Doc Fest Weekend in the fall. Mark your calendars! We’re booked into the Centre Wakefield La Pêche for the weekend of 22 – 24 September, 2017 to screen our second themed weekend mini-festival of recent, feature-length, internationally acclaimed documentary films. News of the theme will be coming shortly.

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