A Story of Sahel Sounds

From his Portland, Oregon apartment, Chris Kirkley is rewriting the rules of the music industry. It's his soul's passion to record and archive modern West African music and deal it to the small but growing following he's amassed from his Sahel Sounds project. Part blog, part record label, he also spins transnational beats at clubs. We follow him to Niger, as he searches out the musicians whose music he's heard played on cell phones, sometimes searching for years to track them down. Chris's contracts with the musicians operate on strict fair trade principles, splitting profits 50/50 directly with the artists. From the electronic keyboard wizard Hama to the female guitarist Fatou Seïdi Ghali of Les Filles de Illighadad and the stars of Étran de L'Aïr, STORY OF SAHEL SOUNDS pulses with an amazing soundtrack, delivering the beats of a new Saharan trade.


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