Hang on for a crazy ride! ALL THE WILD HORSES follows endurance horseback competitors from North America, South Africa, Ireland, the UK and Europe as they ride the Mongol Derby. This multi-horse, multi horse-station race across a thousand kilometres of Mongolian steppe is the longest and toughest horse race on Earth. Riders battle extreme weather conditions, swollen rivers and wild dogs as they navigate through the vast wilderness, following Genghis Khan's postal route. Changing horses at each station, they suffer time penalties if their tough Mongolian horses are deemed overtaxed. For the competitors, serious injuries, broken bones and heat exhaustion are common and ALL THE WILD HORSES twists and turns as it builds to an unexpected, nail-biting finish. (8 Int'l prizes, inc Galway, Indiefest LA, Phoenix)

Screening together with the short film Fast Horse


Friday February 14 2020 7:30pm
Saturday February 15 2020 7:30pm