Not all heroes are human! Get inspired by the loyal intelligence and life-altering trust operating between species in this observational marvel. Master documentarian Heddy Honigmann, recipient of the IDFA Living Legend Award in 2013, turns her eye to the inner workings of the relationships between six service dogs and their various human companions—people such as an elderly soldier blinded by an explosion, a blind woman living on her own, and an autistic child with multiple physical challenges. Helping their owners navigate physical and emotional living, impressive dogs like Kaiko and Makker can easily pull drawer handles and signal approaching doorways—but what they actually open is access to the world. BUDDY is a heartwarming portrait of the unshakeable bond between animal and human. It's is a great film for everyone. "BUDDY doesn't need to be as delicate and intelligent as it is to work, but its thoughtful, unsentimental gaze makes... (it)... even more substantially affecting." Variety