California Typewriter

Doug Nichol’s loving tribute to the writing machine of a bygone era, CALIFORNIA TYPEWRITER is leaving an indelible mark on festival audiences. This crowd-pleasing film – named after one of the last remaining typewriter repair shops in the USA – celebrates the design, tactility and permanence of the typewriter. The shop struggles to survive as celebrity devotees including Tom Hanks, John Mayer and Sam Shepard weigh in on their deep love for the machines. And for those beyond repair, artist Jeremy Mayer lovingly repurposes their parts to create elegant sculptures. The film also features Torontonian Martin Howard, a collector and dealer of antique typewriters, who has spent more than a quarter century building his unique collection of the world’s earliest typewriters.

CALIFORNIA TYPEWRITER is an entertaining ode to a technology that most find obsolete and disposable but which some still joyously embrace. Bet you'll want one by the end of the film! "Doug Nichol has created a loving valentine to all the iconoclasts who resist what the rest of the world defines as progress." The Hollywood Reporter

Martin Howard, a collector of 19th century typewriters who appears in the film CALIFORNIA TYPEWRITERS, will attend the Saturday 7:30pm screening. He will do a Q & A after the show. Special thanks to Stephen Hendrie, who is bringing up a selection of seventeen 20th century typewriters from his collection to display in the lobby.


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