CHEF FLYNN is a portrait of Flynn McGarry, probably the most wondrous wunderkind ever to hit the American culinary scene. At age 10, he corralled neighbourhood kids to act as line cooks; at 12, he founded a supper club at home; at 16, he garnered a New York Times Magazine cover story. A genuine, self-taught and precocious gastronomic genius, it seems Flynn's every childhood move was captured by his mother, Meg – footage which provides back story when director Yates tells his tale. We feel the sting of online backlash to his emergence on the scene – and there's something ever-so-slightly unsettling about Meg's obsessive, sometimes oppressive parenting, but all of that said, CHEF FLYNN shines as a showcase of Flynn's bewilderingly advanced culinary skills! He's the fascinating centre of everything, a passionate, knowledgeable young man pushing his dreams as far as possible.
"CHEF FLYNN is like a real-life Ratatouille, showing an unlikely chef excelling at his profession due to his passion and creativity." Matt Goldberg, Collider,

World Premiere, Sundance; International Premiere, Berlin.


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