Don't Blink: Robert Frank

Robert Frank is gloriously notorious – groundbreaking photographer of The Americans; iconoclastic director of Pull My Daisy; difficult interview subject; rejecter of wealth and celebrity; a man whose ‘sympathies were with people who struggled,’ who has a ‘mistrust of people who made the rules.’ He's also a father whose children both died young. His work is emotional and impulsive. Filmmaker Richard Linklater describes Frank as “a restless, searching artist pushing the boundaries" of traditional form. Fans will be giddy with the unprecedented access to Frank—and his irrepressible irascibility, energy, and humour. Those uninitiated into his cult should be prepared for a wild and wonderful, beat-driven ride.

Great soundtrack featuring Velvet Underground, Mingus, Tom Waits, White Stripes, Patti Smith, Rolling Stones, and others.


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