Fire at Sea

Lampedusa is a small Italian island closer to Africa than it is to the rest of Italy. Fire at Sea follows the residents of Lampedusa through their day-to-day activity. A boy makes a slingshot and fires it at a bird. Women cook and slowly make beds. Men fish. The rounds of life go on. What makes this island remarkable? The thousands and thousands of people who strike out from Africa, paying far too much to desperately sail for Lampedusa and a new life. And Lampedusians engage uncomplaining in the endless task of bringing them ashore, alive or dead. A quiet, slowly paced, absolutely devastating film which does not offer comment, Fire at Sea is a masterly work of documentary filmmaking.


"★★★★★ Gianfranco Rosi’s beautiful, mysterious and moving film is a documentary that looks like a neorealist classic."Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Nominated for this year's Academy Award for Best Documentary;

Golden Bear for Best Film – Berlin Film Festival, 2016


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