Louise Lecavalier - In Motion

A visually stunning and inspiring exploration of the life and work of internationally acclaimed Canadian dancer and choreographer Louise Lecavalier. An irrepressible artist, Lecavalier worked intensely with choreographer Édouard Lock and the company La La La Human Steps during the 1980s and beyond, to revolutionize contemporary dance, also working at the time alongside artists in other disciplines such as David Bowie and Frank Zappa. Today, at 58, Lecavalier enjoys a successful solo career on the international stage with her company Fou Glorieux. She is a true icon of dance, a unique creator whose art transcends the limitations of the human body.

Spectacular dance sequences, original scores and exclusive interviews are combined to create an intimate and touching portrait of this passionate artist, driven by her quest for perfect movement. Premiered at FDVQ 2017.

Dancer Keir Knight, who dances with Louise Cavalier in the film - and is pictured with her in the photo above - will attend the screening for a Q & A after the film


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