Quebec: My Country Mon Pays

Part history, part personal story, part lament, award-winning director John Walker’s film is a heartfelt narrative from an Anglo who left, but has never stopped loving, Quebec. Walker himself narrates and is very present on camera, making the story like a visual personal notebook as he speaks with a who's who of Quebecois artists – filmmakers, journalists and actresses – as well as his own friends and family, about what has happened and the distance between the French and the English in Quebec. There is a delicate poignancy here, though, not anger, as the filmmaker balances his desire to return against his understanding that he'll never fit the new reality.


"…quietly personal and very powerful." –Norman Wilner, NOW Magazine

"★★★★…deeply moving…" –Greg Klymkiw, The Film Corner


Selected for HotDocs, 2016

Selected for RIDM (Montreal Documentary Film Festival)

The screening on Saturday, February 25 will be attended by director John Walker (to be confirmed).


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