On the Globe and Mail's Top Ten films of 2017, winner of three Best Documentary prizes, SHINERS travels the world to introduce us to the men and women who make their living cleaning our shoes. "At one extreme, we meet impoverished shoe shiners of La Paz, Bolivia, some of whom wear ski masks to do their work because they consider it so shameful. At the other extreme is a Tokyo entrepreneur who has turned his craft into a luxury service performed in a cozy parlour where clients enjoy a glass of bubbly while waiting... In between, there are a lot of stories of personal redemption through manual labour and a lot of smart psychology plied on the streets of big cities. The results are informative, intriguing and (...) deeply touching." ★★★★ Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail

“Shiners is nothing shy of a complete re-evaluation of what labour means in the modern world… It does what great documentaries, hell, great cinema, is supposed to do: Open your mind, fill your heart." Kurt Halfyard, Screen Anarchy

Québec premiere – Festival Gala – director Stacey Tenenbaum will attend the screening on Saturday Feb 10 @ 7:30pm