So That You Can Stand

In early 1970s Quebec, young Inuit and Cree stood up against the government to defend their land rights: David against Goliath. This is the terrific underdog story about those young Inuit leaders and their fight to create a modern Nunavik against the Quebec government of Robert Bourassa – in the face of the enormous James Bay Project development. No land claim had yet been negotiated in Canada, and there was no constitutional recognition of aboriginal rights. While an army of workers and equipment were upending the landscape, the young Inuit fought a rearguard battle. Arguably, it was not perfect, but these young people accomplished something extraordinary: the very first treaty of its kind, the beginning of a new era – and a security for their people that had been missing before.

We're pleased to welcome for this, our OPENING NIGHT GALA, one of the chief Inuit negotiators of the agreement, Senator Charlie Watt, and the film's director, Ole Gjerstad, for a Q&A after the show on Saturday, February 4.


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