Thank You for the Rain

Worlds collide on the frontline of climate change.

Kenyan farmer Kisilu Musya records climate change’s roller-coaster ride of flash floods and devastating droughts. For the past five years, he’s kept a video diary documenting the damaging effects of wild weather on his family’s life and livelihood. Convinced that planting trees is the answer to counteracting global warming in his community, Kisilu organizes local farmer groups, makes endless presentations and, with the support of his wife and Norwegian filmmaker Julia Dahr, takes his message all the way to the COP—the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change. But is anyone listening? This emotional, earnest and essential film about climate change is driven by Kisilu’s point of view. It gives voice to a natural leader who expects politicians to be doing as much as he is—to care and to be interested in hearing from those directly affected by the environmental transformations taking place on this planet we all share. Awards at: Another Way (Spain) FF; Agrofilm FF; Bozcaada (Turkey) FF; Alimenterre (Belgium) FF; Singapore Eco FF; FICMEC (Spain). "A look not only at the effects of climate change, but of the dedication it takes to be an activist and family man at the same time." Toronto Film Scene

Norwegian filmmaker Julia Dahr will attend by Skype for a Q & A after the film at 1pm, Sunday, February 25


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